'Being Human'  is a series of blogs by Kirstin Furber, who, through over 20 years of developing organisational cultures for international businesses, has found that it is when we allow ourselves (and being allowed) to be human at work, that we start to be our best selves and deliver our best work.

So today, particularly as we see the lines between work-life and personal life becoming more and more blurred, how do we develop a culture that allows us all to be human, to be ourselves at work and in turn leads to tangible results and drives business growth?

The blogs are designed to support business leaders; Entrepreneurs, CEO's and Senior HR professionals in ensuring they maintain a human culture through times of change, growth, when planning for the future or simply to help with a particular challenge, with the aim of being able to take away actionable insight after reading that can easily be implemented

If there are any particular topics that you would like covered on Being Human do get in touch.

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Latest - How do leaders build and role model a Oneself way of working?

Can you remember the last time you felt on top of the world? You had just been asked to a close friend’s wedding, you had just won that tennis match, had a brilliant morning run, a fantastic yoga session, a friend called you to see how you are, or a stranger gave you a great smile or unexpected compliment. Read More.